Creative Process

Branding Photography Bristol //

Working on this beautiful film with Kiki was a highlight of last year!

Kiki explains the inspiration behind the shoot:

“The creative process is one that often goes overlooked. We see the end result, the polished product, the perfectly laid out table, photograph, display. We see the work that goes into mood boards, collaborations, the administration.

But the real work, the reason a product or service can be so laden with emotion and deliver such value is because of the heart, the feelings, the energy and the consideration that is required in the first instance. 

It’s no longer a case of us having an education, going to a University, learning how to work, how to make, how to please, how to present or sell – those are things that we have to learn alone.

What the creative process is really about is tapping into our selves, using what we have learnt from life, from experience, from our very cells and employing that energy to flow into our art.

And that process can be painful, we dig deep for the sake of our work, for the sake of our creations, for the delight of others. Yet it’s not for recognition, our pleasure comes from the very process itself that calls on us to experience life, to relive memory, to rework solitary items into a collection that promotes pleasure.”

Kiki Sunshines

I worked alongside some wonderful creatives for this shoot:

Creative Direction, Textiles & Styling: Kate Cullen | Venue: Matara Centre | Floral Design: Sarah Harper Flowers | Paper Goods: Bureau Design | Calligraphy & Watercolour: Gemma Milly | Calligraphy Pen Holders: Tom’s Studio |Photography: Bethany Stanley